Since November 2019, Caitlin Stobie and the Beales Research Group have been working on a collaboration as part of the Leeds Creative Labs

Blurred Lines: Life, Matter, Poetry is inspired by medical applications of soft matter, the science of artificial cells, and philosophical concepts from new materialism. 

Our collaboration thrives on what we call soft intra-actions: a mix of digital and physical encounters. Initially, we responded to issues of embodiment and materiality through sharing research images and time in the lab. Now, in the age of Covid-19, we are excited to continue exploring the development of soft matter online. 

We have shared interests in considering blurred lines between living and non-living matter and the ethical implications these have for synthetic biology and beyond. 

We are grateful to the University of Leeds's Cultural Institute for granting us funding to develop our public engagement through cross-disciplinary creative practice. This website was developed with support from the Centre for Practice-led Research in the Arts (CePRA). Follow us on Twitter @caitlinstobie and @BealesLab


 © 2020 by Caitlin Stobie and the Beales Research Group. Cover image credit: Zexi Xu.