So far, Caitlin has responded to time in the lab and discussions about agency with Paul and his group members by presenting original poems on research images.

grimace scale

This four-in-one poem responds to images showing artificial structures called vesicles attaching to cells (where vesicles, membranes, and nuclei are respectively red, green, and blue). The images are from Juan Martinez's research on developing experimental painkillers for abdominal surgery recovery. Caitlin wrote three experimental poems in response to each part of the cells to explore the ethics of nano-painkillers. The title of the final combined poem, “grimace scale”, refers to how scientists assess pain in nonhumans during animal testing.  

"Frozen in time and space"

This poem responds to a rare image of a vesicle within a vesicle that researcher Rashmi Seneviratne described as "frozen in time and space" at the moment of bursting under a cryo-electron microscope.

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